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FM with a range of 200 m

This series of transmitters and receivers transmits on the working frequency 868 MHz using frequency modulation (FM) and is secured by floating code with high security level against misuse.
Receiver can switch on one of its outputs or can send following information via the RS485 serial line into the control systems (for example to PLC FATEK):

• transmitter identifier (transmitter S/N)
• the number of pressing button
• battery status
• receiver identifier (receiver S/N)
• received signal intensity

The system is intended for:

• Automatic people identification in the passage, turn off the alarm, unlock doors, passing objects thought the check point, etc. . RFID key transmits automatically at regular intervals.
• Wireless remote control (only for transmitters with buttons).


Special equipment:

• receiver and transmitter can be equipped with shock sensor
• receiver and transmitter can be equipped with an internal antenna or with a connector for external antenna.

  Part number Name Price wo VAT
Receiver with 4 switches(90 mA, 60V) and RS485
Transmitter 868 MHz RFID (continuously transmits its code)
The transmitter with two buttons 868 MHz
Transmitter with 4 buttons 868 MHz waterproof (IP65)
Transmitter with 4 buttons, 2 x AA batteries
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